Custom Porcelain Slabs in Toronto Get Top Marks

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Porcelain Slabs Toronto

Custom Porcelain is quickly becoming the hot go-to material for a myriad of homebuilding needs. Man-made to be approximately 30% tougher than granite, and easily customizable in a wide range of options, many homeowners are racing to buy porcelain slabs in Toronto. We’re all familiar with porcelain sinks and bathtubs, but how else is this incredible material being used in the home?
Kitchen – Porcelain is an ideal renovation material to use in the kitchen. The substance is non-porous, meaning that there are no tiny cracks or spaces for liquid to seep through. The non-porous surface also makes it incredibly durable to cut, prepare, and cook meals on. Due to the non-porous nature of the stone, clean-up is a breeze – often requiring nothing more than a cloth with warm soapy water and minimal effort to wipe away the tough germs that like to lie in wait for a chance to spread themselves on your food.
Bathroom – While porcelain has long been a popular choice for bathtubs and sinks, new technologies have allowed it to be cut into much thinner pieces than in years past, allowing it to be utilized in new ways. As mentioned before, being a non-porous material means water will not find its way inside to cause mildew or mould, making it a top choice for bathroom floors, cabinets, and even shower tiles.
Your Backyard – Yes, it’s true, porcelain can even be used to liven up a drab or undesirable outdoor space. Being scratch-resistant, nearly unbreakable, and frost-proof allows you to impress family and friends by creating a lovely backyard sitting area in the colour of your choice.

The Choice is Yours

Porcelain is currently enjoying such a surge in popularity due to its extremely versatile nature. Able to be formed in almost any shape and size, not only is this amazing material suitable for tough jobs in high-traffic areas, it can also be custom designed to nearly any specification you can imagine. Perhaps you’d like waterfall scenery on the bathroom tiles? Or maybe a happy fish smiling back at you from the kitchen sink while tidying up, or perhaps you just desire a lovely mosaic with multiple colours on your countertops to add pizazz and individuality to a room. With porcelain, all of these options, and more, are possible.
Making sure to choose a reputable supplier and fabricator is paramount to an impressive and long-lasting installation. Be sure to ask as many questions as you can during your visit to the showroom; this helps to ensure the staff are knowledgeable concerning porcelain slabs in Toronto. Also, be sure to ask the fabricator (the person who shapes the porcelain to your specifications) for a list of recommendations and testimonials. After all, with quality like this incorporated into your home, you and your porcelain are going to be together for a long, enjoyable time.